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Expedition Tech and Researcher

Adina Scott is an adventurer, nerd, and artist. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest she could usually be found digging in the dirt under the porch, playing music, reading a book, or hanging out up in the plum tree snacking.


Adina went on to study electrical engineering and earned a PhD while continuing to unwind by playing music and exploring nature. She now works for the US Antarctic program providing electronics and computer support for scientists working on research vessels and doing field work along the Antarctic Peninsula. When she is not working down south she spends her time running, climbing, and skiing her way around the central Cascades.


She has volunteered as an outdoor educator with the YMCA BOLD/GOLD mountain school and regularly volunteers with central Washington Sisters in Action Sports. She participated in NOLS Expedition Denali and has hiked, climbed and skied in many inspiring areas

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