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Team North Pole

 Erick Cedeño's journey is not just about traversing landscapes; it's about connecting with history, celebrating the bravery of those who came before, and sharing their narratives with the world. His unique blend of exploration, historical research, and storytelling underscores his profound impact on preserving and commemorating the past while inspiring others to embrace their own spirit of adventure and curiosity.Erick Cedeño, an explorer, historian, and captivating storyteller, has made significant contributions to the world of exploration. His work has garnered attention and recognition, earning features in esteemed publications like Outside Magazine and The New York Times. A remarkable achievement was his induction into the 2022 class of The Explorers Club, recognizing his role as one of the 50 explorers actively shaping and changing the world.


Cedeño's passion lies in retracing history and shedding light on untold narratives. Notably, he embarked on two journeys along the path of the Underground Railroad, connecting with the heroes and drawing inspiration from their bravery and wisdom. In 2022, he honored the 125th anniversary of the Buffalo Soldiers' 1,900-mile bicycle ride by meticulously researching and faithfully retracing their route. Cedeño's dedication extends beyond physical exploration, as he actively reaches out to the descendants of the Buffalo Soldiers, ensuring their story is remembered and honored.

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