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Team Full Circle

Since he was a child, Fred Campbell has loved challenges and adventure. For as long as he can remember, these loves have pushed him toward football and math, both of which for him would continue passionately through college. Unfortunately he had to stop playing football after breaking his neck while on the field. But that lead him to pursue a PhD in statistics and fall in love with climbing.

Fred has been climbing snow, rock and ice for the past 10 years and has loved every minute of it. He has climbed in the Alaska Range, the Sierra Madres in Mexico, on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, in the Cascades in Washington and in the Bugaboos in Canada. He appreciates the combination of athleticism and problem solving in climbing and he is excited to climb anywhere and everywhere else. He is also passionate about sharing climbing with others and has taught introductory climbing classes through the Momentum climbing gym in Houston and later Seattle for the past several years. He has enjoyed many other opportunities to share the sport with others that being a The North Face ambassador has provided over this past year. 

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