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Executive Director

A native of California, Philip started his outdoor career almost 30 years ago. His passion for recreation, education and climbing has provided him with opportunities to travel, climb and ski around the world.   Over the past two and half decades he has spent hours volunteering for many youth programs in the US, exposing young people from around the country to the power or nature.  Has been instrumental in teaching mountain skills training to guides and porters around in Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania and Chile as well as encouraging, inspiring and mentoring many more people to get outside.  


  • NOLS employee and instructor  1994 - 2016

  • Member of the 2012 North Face/National Geographic Everest Education Expedition. 

  • Denali 2005 and 2013

  • Numerous training mission in Nepal 

  • 2018 Led the first All African American climb or Mt Kilimanjaro 

  • Recipient of the 2020 Outdoor Afro Lifetime Achievement Award 

  • Expedition Leader of Full Circle Everest Expedition 2022  1st All Black team in history to summit Mt Everest.

  • Executive Director of Full Circle Expeditions a Colorado non-profit.  


Philip now lives in Southwest Colorado with his wife and daughter.   

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